Care of a newborn. The harm of smoking while breastfeeding

BabyWe constantly growing number of gerls smokers. What can be said at this point a medic? Tobacco contains nicotine - a substance which is toxic to the body, since it adversely affects a heart and vessels. In the little quantity of nicotine effect is manifested only at the first zakurivanii later the aging body gets used to the poison, and it takes an increasing amount. To infinity, of course, increase the volume of nicotine administered is impossible, however that at certain concentrations may occur nicotinism.Smoking as well brings other damage. If instead of fresh air to inhale a smoke into a lungs, a pulmonary vesicles (alveoli) will contain more fume than air. Smoke contains carbon dioxide, kootraya in conjunction with a dye of red blood cells will carboxyhemoglobin. Last differs with oskigemoglobina, which introduces oxygen into a aging body, required for life! This compound, with which the aging body has rid of with difficulty and that is the reason for his small eating habits.Smoking during natural feeding can cause insufficient milk production and cut the baby's immune system. In addition, a fume is unpleasant child, he turns away with his mom, smelling of fume and natural milk, soaked in fume, he does not same. However a effect, a baby prematurely weaned, thus causing beautiful harm to his soundness.Any conscious girl 18 years old need stop smoking as soon as childbearing is established it, and do not fume until the end of lactation. Naturally, we do not smoke where there is a baby, even if you keep along ceased to breastfeed. A newborn need not inhale tobacco smoke or nhoditsya in a smoky apartment, where his lungs fill with fresh air is not necessary for its building, and the combustion of tobacco.A newborn whose parents smoke are normally weak, nervous, ofttimes sick, poorly tolerate a variety of diseases, sometimes it is affected face and eyes, in the most severe cases, deviations in mental building. How a mom, breast-feeding need not smoke.M. Klimov-FyugnerovaSMOKING AND BREAST-FEEDINGLactation: SmokingA nursing woman 18 years old: smokingAlcohol and breast-feeding   Upkeep of a child. Alike Child.articles:Baby care. Newborn ChildNewbornBaby leaving. May a nursing mother persimmonChildBaby leaving. Massotherapy infantNewborn.

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