Upkeep of a baby. Construction of beautiful motor skills

Child"Our hands wrote, our fingers are tired..." Remember when we recite these lines in chorus, clenching and unclenching her hand to work for the glory?Oh, it's not an easy thing - to display various hooks and rods. To tell the truth, even just to keep the handle properly - an art. Moms and dads of 1-st-graders, reading these words, nodded in agreement, let out a heavy sigh, a moms and dads of preschoolers puzzled shrug.Alas, not all adults pay striving to so a baby is managed with a pencil or pen. Clutched in his hand - it does not issue, a main thing that draws! All three finger pinch, pushing every other and production it hard to grasp the handle at a highly tip of the rod - it does not matter, but it says! That kid has used to act this technique and not otherwise. One, two, three, sometimes longer...A 1st-class turns out that he writes more slowly, arm has tired, and have approximately ugly letters. A result - poor grades in school, terrible handwriting and steady dislike of a letter.  Resembling Child maintenance.articles:Child maintenance. Babies diseaseNewbornBaby service. Analysis of breast natural milkChildBaby service. Hair loss later giving birthChild.

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